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Gone but not forgotten ...


Similar to other brotherhoods that exist between professions, the same holds true in law enforcement – there is an unwavering brotherhood closely knit with a bond that cannot be broken. The Buena Park Police Department’s Law Enforcement Family has experienced a wide variety of historical moments. Like any family, unfortunately, along with joyous events, successes and failures, we have also suffered great loss. Our family has lost four of our own in the line of duty.

In memory of our Fallen Officers who made the Supreme Sacrifice to the People of the City of Buena Park, giving their life in the line of duty … Our brothers are gone, but not forgotten.



Detective Darrel “Bud” Cate
BPPD ID # 103
End of Watch: September 21, 1972



Deputy Shayne Daniel York
LASD ID # 7635
End of Watch: August 16, 1997



Corporal Tyler Matthew Pinchot
BPPD ID # 475
End of Watch: September 21, 2003



Officer Daniel Ryan Ackerman
BPPD # 985
End of Watch: July 30, 2011

"We will never forget the sacrifice made by our fallen heroes."